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Reach Upward is Greg Denning's personal blog, of stories, inspiration, experiences and solid life skills and advice for young people and adults.

How To Face Your Weaknesses

Cultivating a growth mindset allows us to get comfortable being uncomfortable and continually face and transcend our weaknesses.  

Dec 05

How to be Happy, Healthy and Productive Daily

I believe most of us desire to be happy, healthy and productive. Life is FANTASTIC when we’re feeling good and producing results in the things that matter most. But how do you actually achieve this day-to-day? There are proven strategies that will help you be happy, healthy and productive every day—and they're easy to implement. 

Nov 21

How To Stop Being Hypersensitive

Is there something you know you need to face but have been unwilling to? It happens to all of us. It's time to face the facts—even the ones that hurt {especially the ones that hurt!}. Stop being hypersensitive to the truth. Let it change you; let it transform you. Are you too prideful, too fat, too mean, too emotional, too selfish, too-fill-in-the-blank? I know it hurts, but we need to face the truth to fix what we can. This video will help you do that. 

Nov 14

How to Come Face-To-Face With Poverty

We spent quite a while living in Costa Rica and then we lived in Germany for three months. The contrast of going from Costa Rica to Germany and then onto Morocco gave me real perspective. I had a sobering experience I wanted to share when I went for a walk in an extremely poor area of Morocco. It forced me to question what I will do to make a difference among the poor and needy? And, I pose the same question to you. 

Nov 07

How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is a way of being. You deserve to be happy, so choose it!  

Oct 31

How To Acquire Inner Peace and Purity

Do you want to acquire lasting inner peace and purity? Here's how. 

Oct 24

Are You Growing Spiritually?

We are all spiritual beings. Yet many neglect the spiritual side of life, leaving a spiritual void. Are you growing spiritually? 

Oct 10

4 Habits of Peak Performance

The real difference between greatness and mediocrity comes down to habits. High performers have high-performance habits. These four habits are simple, but they will make all the difference in your life and your quest for success. High performers are normal people, they just discipline themselves to do a few things differently each day. Simple habits lead to great success. 

Oct 03

The Recipe For Success & Happiness In Life

I sincerely believe that anyone can achieve true success and happiness... but you have to follow the recipe! 

Sep 26

How To Stay Motivated & Move Forward

Do you ever feel a lack of motivation to do the things you know you need to be doing? Let me show you how to stay motivated! 

Aug 22


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