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How To Be a Happy & Joyful Person Most of the Time

Updated: May 28, 2020

Happiness is a choice that we have to make every day.

Finding out how to be a joyful person is one of the most important things any of us can do. Learning how to be happy is one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn. As a young teen out on my onw, I was desperate, even depressed. I learned the way to happiness – and that happiness IS the way.

Stop for a minute. What emotion do you feel MOST of the time?

Thomas Jefferson said:

“Happiness is the aim of life”  

And then he said:

“Virtue is the foundation of happiness”

If you want to be happy you have to live with a high level of virtue and acquire a lot of excellent virtues like honesty, integrity, goodness, kindness, charity, love, sincerity, and authenticity.

You have to learn how to live with peace, deep joy, and happiness.

So seek to live a virtuous life, and happiness will begin flowing naturally.

Happiness is a Choice!

Did you know that happiness is a choice! It really is. You get to choose!

I know that sounds crazy but it IS that easy.

Just because it's possible to choose to be happy doesn’t mean that everyone does.

Yet we all get to choose what we focus on.

Are we looking at the positive or negative?

Are we looking at the opportunities or the lack of opportunities?

Are we looking at scarcity or abundance?

Are we focused on all of the negativity in the news or are we out there looking for the goodness in mankind and the goodness in the world?

How are we choosing every day to live with real deep joy and happiness?

It truly is a choice. So choose to be happy!

Choose right now to be a joyful person.

Just smile; have a good posture and live in a way that brings happiness.

Because happiness is the way. 

Happiness isn’t a Destination. Choose to be Happy Now!

Joy and peace will come in this journey because happiness isn’t a destination. Choose to be happy now! Choose to be filled with joy now!

Live a life that is just so fulfilling and exciting and contented instead of carrying around those burdens of guilt, remorse, bitterness, or frustration!

So decide today to be truly happy and then, as Jefferson said, live with those great virtues.

Bring those into your life and they’ll open up the door for happiness and joy to come in and you’ll LOVE LIFE! It’s amazing and totally worth it.

Highlights: Podcast #14 How to Feel Joyful and Happy Most of the Time

What is your predominant emotion? What are you feeling most of the time?

[5:20] Our lives are powered by emotions.

[5:38] The majority of our decisions are not intellectually based, they are emotionally based.

[5:50] It’s fascinating how big an effect our emotions have on our decisions, our habits, our actions and reactions; emotions are the driving force of our life.

[6:17] Because of emotions, things get done or get neglected.

[6:19] Your thoughts lead to desires, your desires stir up emotions.

[6:42] Often people make bad decisions because they want to feel a certain way.

[7:12] We generate so much emotional energy, but often, our habits or mindsets are negative, so we generate negative emotional energy.

[7:20] Forgiving, letting go of anger and bitterness, and being reactive releases positive emotional energy.

[7:48] Learn to direct emotions instead of control or ignore them - have emotional mastery

[8:20] We should have a healthy range of emotions.

[8:35] What is your predominant emotion? What are you feeling most of the time?

[9:30] A lot of people are surprised at what their predominant emotion is.

[10:08] When we recognize what our predominant emotion is we can acknowledge it and find out why we are feeling that emotion.

[10:51] Life is made up of our days, so how you experience each day is your life.

[11:08] You can decide how you want to feel and experience each day.

[11:30] You can choose the emotion you want each day.

[11:40] You can go through the majority of your life feeling grateful, peaceful, happy, etc

[12:00] Life doesn’t have to be this long irritating experience with some happy moments in between.

[12:10] Life can be a happy experience with a few irritating moments.

[12:17] It’s a matter of choice and mindset and being more intentional about our emotional energy.

[12:58] Even when things don’t turn out the way you hoped, you can still choose to be pleasant.

[13:33] Choosing to be happy is a learned behavior, it takes practice.

[15:06] No one can make you mad, it is a choice; you are in charge of your own emotions.

[15:50] Life is way too short to be angry all the time, especially over the small stuff.

[18:08] Keep anger out of your life, especially when it’s about something that is out of your control.

[21:24] Henry David Thoreau “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their grave with their song still in them.”

[22:10] The majority of the people are not turning on their emotional energy and enjoying life, living purposefully and meaningfully.

[22:36] Most people are just caught up in their drudgery and just surviving life.

[23:00] Level it up, choose your emotions, let go of the negative emotions and the toxicity.

[24:30] It is possible to turn on emotional energy, free up space.

[24:45] Awesome is always an option! Reach Upward!


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