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A Passion For Purpose, Peak Performance, and Inspiring Others

"Greg is the most inspirational and optimistic person you’ll meet. He’s been called a 'firehouse of energy' and ‘walking anti-depressant.' He was voted as ‘the mentor that inspired and impacted [them] the most’."



Out on his own by the age of 16, Greg experienced years of hardship, loneliness, hunger, homelessness, and discouragement. He struggled desperately to find the answers that would bring him a life of real happiness, success, and fulfillment.


Through the power of life-changing books (an average of one book a week for over two decades) he was able to catch a vision of the life he wanted to create for himself, and then take action to bring it about. Greg transformed his mindset, heartset, and skillset in order to design and create the extraordinary life he dreamed of living!


Today he is married to the woman of his dreams and they have seven wonderful children. As a family, their big dream is to travel to as many countries as possible and to connect with the amazing people and places of the world. So far they have traveled and lived in over 40 countries on 5 continents, while Greg has the incredible privilege of being a keynote speaker, trainer, and high-performance executive life/business coach to ambitious parents.


Greg is passionate, even obsessed, about peak human performance, health and fitness, education, adventure, travel, and inspiring everyone he meets to Reach Upward for their full potential. Every day he lives to help people believe in themselves, think differently about their lives, and create the EXTRAORDINARY Family Life they dream about.


Greg is the host of the Extraordinary Family Life podcast, and he and Rachel are the co-creators of The Extraordinary Family Life Formula.

Watch more of his story below. 

  • High Performance Coach -- Brendon Burchard

  • Read over 1,000 books.

  • Studied personal development and human performance for over 20 years.

  • Worked with and coached thousands of people on five continents.

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