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Using a Growth Mindset to Overcome Your Weaknesses

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Cultivating a growth mindset allows us to get comfortable being uncomfortable and continually face and transcend our weaknesses.

While living in Marrakech, Morocco I loved walking through the Medina—the ancient, fortified city teeming with shops, people, motorcycles, animals and entertainment. The massive, red clay walls give the city its nickname -- the Red City. 

Walking around with my kids one day, we came across a sign that said, “Weight Lifting Gym and Martial Arts.” 

I was intrigued and suggested we go inside to explore. Inside we met a big, muscle-bound instructor who, I discovered while training with him, was a tough guy who pushed me to my limits in every way…physically and mentally.

One day, while he and I were wrestling, he injured my throat to the point I could not speak for 10 days! When I regained my voice and went back to training he came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said with sincerity: 

“You are slow and weak and I must help you!” 

I love that kind of culture and straight-talk that says, I am just going to tell you how it is. I am going to push your limits and I don’t really care what you think.”

Get Past Your Comfort Zone

We all need this kind of in-your-face honesty at times to face the hard truths and see our weaknesses.

Most of us get too comfortable. But, real growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

I encourage you to find someone who will push you to move past your comfort zone, past your weaknesses. Hire a trainer, find a mentor.

When I mentor people, I always tell them they have to get comfortable being uncomfortable because we continually need to be growing, changing and improving.

Don’t ever settle or think you’ve arrived because then you’ll stop growing and improving and lead a life of mediocrity.

Keep Growing

Growing, changing and improving is a lifelong quest.

The beauty of it is…we have a lifetime to grow, change and improve!

Visiting this walled city and experiencing this extremely painful -- and extreme -- push to get past my own self-imposed comfort zone, I am reminded of a quote by Andrew Murphy: 

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

Don’t place limits on your growth and your potential!

I challenge you to develop a growth mindset and enjoy this lifelong quest to learn, grow and improve.

My challenge for you today is to face your weaknesses, get somebody to push you past your limits so you can grow stronger and stop being weak.

Commence your lifelong quest to learn and improve today. You can join me on this journey.

(Check out my  Online Classes & Courses where I guide teens and parents through this process of growing and improving.)

I promise as we grow and improve—everything around us improves.

Reach Upward,

Greg Denning


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