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Reach Upward is Greg Denning's personal blog, of stories, inspiration, experiences and solid life skills and advice for young people and adults.

Are You Growing Spiritually?

We are all spiritual beings. Yet many neglect the spiritual side of life, leaving a spiritual void. Are you growing spiritually?

I am currently in Marrakech Morocco where they do the call to prayer five times a day (Click here to hear it). This morning I heard it at 5 am and it served as a great reminder that wherever you are, take time to think about and remember God. I love remembering God and remembering my spiritual side.

Too many of us allow our spiritual lives to atrophy and we just go through the motions, therefore we have to.

I want to challenge you to nourish your spiritual side...look to the spiritual side of your life and grow from your center.

Cultivate a holistic life and become a well-rounded person from all sides—physical, emotional, financial, and, most importantly, spiritual. Remember your spiritual side: spend some time with God, realign your values, refocus your life. Do not neglect that all-important call to nourish your spiritual life...because it's all about the soul!




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