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Imagine Waking Up Every Day In Love With Your Spouse, Excited To Engage With Your Kids, And Prepared To Win At Work...

Learn how to generate more ENERGY for yourself, bring MAGIC to your marriage. POWER to your parenting, and BRILLIANCE to your business.  Get instant access to 100+ life-changing training videos. 




"Greg & Rachel Denning are a genuine power-couple"

"I cannot overstate how much value I have found within this community and with the Dennings example. Whatever is hard for you right now, just keep moving, keep pushing, keep feeling! With the proper tools, tools found here, you’ve got this!" Lindy 

MEET Your instructor

Greg is the most inspirational and optimistic person you’ll meet. He’s been called a 'firehouse of energy' a ‘walking anti-depressant.' and 'a classidelic bohemian erudite.'


Out on his own by the age of 16, he experienced a lot of hardship, loneliness, and discouragement. He sought desperately to find the answers that would bring him happiness, fulfillment, a great marriage, and happy family!


Searching and studying voraciously (for the next two decades) led him to the proven principles and practices of high-performing people.

Greg and Rachel have 7 children and have created the extraordinary family life they always wanted. They travel the world as a family and get to teach, inspire, and coach other families to design and create their own unique, extraordinary family life!

Greg is a High-Performance Coach/Mentor and gives people the inspiration, training, and tools to transform their lives!

He's been blessed to work with people in dozens of countries across 5 continents.

(Near Mount Everest)

Let the Dennings teach you the proven strategies and systems to turn off the negative thinking and bad habits, and reignite your marriage,

your parenting, your work, and your life!

You'll learn:

  • Recognize and stop self-sabotaging thoughts and habits.
  • Light the FIRE OF EXCITEMENT in your life again!
  • Feel GOOD about who you are and where you're going.
  • Implement solid strategies to take care of YOURSELF.
  • Bring the MAGIC & passion back into your marriage.
  • Really engage and CONNECT with each of your children.
  • Create a family culture that is loving, peaceful, and FUN!
  • Cultivate real power and INFLUENCE in your family.
  • Really SHOW UP at work and still have energy at home!​
  • Find happiness and MOMENTUM AGAIN!
  • Dream big dreams, and make them a reality.
Course Outline

Get ready to find the motivation, inspiration, strength, wisdom, tools, tips, and resources to create the family life you've always wanted



Self Care

  • Get ready for your best year ever

  • Consistency and Improvement

  • Stop Swimming w/ your boots on

  • Live longer, healthier and have more energy

  • Recovery and stress management

  • Positive thoughts and self-talk

  • Rewrite your personal story

  • And more....

[M] Marriage

Best friends

  • Bring back the excitement

  • Be joyfully and romantically married

  • Choice not chance

  • 3 Types of Respect

  • Make your marriage a priority

  • Control and direct your emotions

  • Sexcess strategies

  • And more...

[P] Parenting


  • Lead them, don't just manage them

  • Why your kids don't cooperate

  • Teaching self-government and control

  • Healthy food and lifestyle

  • Stop the constant fighting

  • Challenges for your children

  • Preparing them for adult life

  • And more...


Family Culture

Make it automatic

  • Cultivating a solid family culture

  • Transforming solid family dynamics

  • Writing a Family Manifesto

  • Overcoming the resistance

  • Input determines output

  • Eliminating family drama

  • Choosing to be challenged

  • And much more...

[Fi] finances

Earn & Invest

  • Determine your OWN financial goals

  • Set big financial dreams 

  • Create step by step plans 

  • Learn to earn more

  • Solid strategies for Investing

  • Your relationship with money

  • Teaching your children about money

  • Much more...

Here's what you get today with your

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Subscription/membership Offer Details: You get full access to this course for FREE for 14 days as part of our 28-Day Challenge trial membership. If you love it, stick around with us and in 14 days will be automatically billed the regular $37/month price for ongoing live training and dozens of NEW recorded trainings every month. Don't love it? Cancel anytime.

Disclaimers: This course of for educational use only and to help you improve your family life. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; the instructors offer no medical advice or counseling. The instructors and ExtraordinaryFamilyLife claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, damage or alleged issue, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information in the course. By registering for this or any of our courses you accept total and complete liability and responsibility for your decisions, actions, health, and results in life. All our terms and conditions related to the course and our company can be found on our terms page.

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