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For media enquiries or to set up an interview with Greg Denning, please contact us for availability.

Greg's Media Kit & Public Speaking

[ARTICLE] It’s less expensive for this family of 9 to travel year-round than stay home—here’s how

The Dennings are leading the life of their dreams, one that at first they worried was out of reach. It’s less expensive for this family of 9 to travel year-round than stay home—here’s how (https://www.cnbc.c..

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[VIDEO FEATURE] How this family of 9 can afford to travel the world year round.

The Denning family has visited 39 countries in the last 10 years and don't plan to stop. How this family of 9 can afford to travel the world year round (https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/make-the-most/how-t..

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[ARTICLE] This Family Of 9 Travels The World On $5,000 A Month

For some travelers, saving up for a simple week-long vacation is a challenge. For this family of nine, however, budgeting for travel is a way of life. Read it on the Huff Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/e..

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[ARTICLE] Are You a Truly Successful Leader? Here’s How to Tell

As essential as they are, success and leadership in both community and business still pale in comparison to the consummate importance of leadership in the home. Unfortunately, many smart and talented people passionat..

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[PODCAST] Episode 003 - Greg Denning: Building Character through World-Class Education

Discussing social leadership, world class education and how parents can help cultivate character in their children. How an awesome family culture helps kids to flourish by encouraging physical, mental, spiritual, soc..

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[PODCAST] Episode 039 - Greg Denning, Worldschool Family

With Rebecca Bohman of Luminous Mind talking about being a voracious learner, redefining the way people see education and creating an awesome life around learning. There’s something so special about growing and learn..

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[PODCAST] Travelling Around the World with a Family | An Interview with Greg Denning

With Live Limitless discussing the logistics of world travel with a large family. As well as, how we make travel choices, tips for coping with the unexpected, and handling the culture shock when you return home! Also..

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[PODCAST] Raising Six Kids On The Road: A Long-Term Travel Lifestyle Interview With Greg Denning

On Radical Personal Finance, talking about choosing the lifestyle you want, how to achieve it and how to live it. Focussing on building long-term travel into your lifestyle, financing your trip and earning income on ..

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[PODCAST] Greg Denning: Slow overland travel with six kids

On Nomadtopia, discussing how to make a worldwide nomadic lifestyle work with kids! Sharing our family’s experiences of travelling, learning, and exploring whilst making a positive difference in the world. ..

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[PODCAST] How To Raise Your Family, Live Your Dream And See The World With Greg Denning

Talking to Natalie Sisson of The Suitcase Entrepreneur on how to create amazing memories travelling the world and making a living, whilst raising and educating a family along the way. As well as, the importance of li..

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[NEWS] Families choose life of service abroad in Guatemala

Along with their friends, the Jensens, Greg and Rachel Denning have been working to battle malnutrition and give Guatemalan families a better life. By teaching and demonstrating new life skills, families are able to ..

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[PODCAST] Matt Townsend Show: Living Deliberately

Talking to Matt Townsend on BYURadio about making the choice to live deliberately and retaining determination to live your life on purpose. Why it’s so important to work out what matters most to you by questioning so..

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