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Reach Upward is Greg Denning's personal blog, of stories, inspiration, experiences and solid life skills and advice for young people and adults.

The Recipe For Success & Happiness In Life

I sincerely believe that anyone can achieve true success and happiness... but you have to follow the recipe!

The Ingredients of Life

My 13-year-old daughter, Kayah, is passionate about cooking and luckily she’s great at it. The other day she said, “You know, the individual ingredients themselves aren’t very appealing but all together make delicious plates.' And, boom, it hit me right between the eyes...the same can be said of life!

The recipe for success and happiness in life has both savory and some unsavory ingredients in the right proportions that somehow come together to make something beautiful.

I believe there are essential ingredients to achieve success and happiness in life. Please take some time to reflect on this before I share my thoughts. ;-)

3 Essential Ingredients of Life

Let me share a few that I think are essential:

#1 Growth

Wallace D. Wattles suggests in The Science of Being Great(a book I highly recommend) not only that men and women were created for growth, but that is also is necessary to grow in order to be happy. Much of the unhappiness people experience is because they are not growing, evolving or changing. We must be constantly evolving toward our own greatness.I urge you to join me on this quest for greatness! The only limits in your life are those you place upon yourself.

#2 Purpose

We have to wake up with a purpose. When we start the day with something to work on that drives, challenges and excites us, we feel compelled to contribute and add value to our lives and the lives of others, to leave the world a better place. There is an important element to purpose...and that is greatness. Your unique purpose must have greatness and significance to bring you ultimate fulfillment. So, I challenge you to discover your unique purpose!

#3 Love

One of my mentees proposed that, if we are judging and objectifying people, it is because we are viewing them from too far away. There is so much wisdom in that. If we allow ourselves to get closer to others, to get to know them, to walk in their shoes...it becomes almost impossible to judge them. But, how do we do this...even when it is difficult? We do this through the virtue of love. So, let your heart be filled with love and your actions will flow from there! Then you will experience true happiness.

Those are the three simple, basic ingredients—but you can add your elements to them to make a uniquely-you recipe! If we take these ingredients, work on ourselves and try to develop and grow in each important area of our lives then I can promise you—because I have done it—that your life will be awesome and you will reach your potential!




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