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Reach Upward is Greg Denning's personal blog, of stories, inspiration, experiences and solid life skills and advice for young people and adults.

How To Stay Motivated & Move Forward

Do you ever feel a lack of motivation to do the things you know you need to be doing? Let me show you how to stay motivated! 

Aug 22

Create A Meaningful Life For Yourself

In the end, each of us will ask ourselves if we lived a meaningful life. "Did I matter?" There are a few things that we must do to consistently live meaningfully.  

Aug 15

The Two Principles For Being More Productive

Everyday you should accomplish something important. It is essential to success, happiness and fulfillment that each of us learns how to be productive every day. I'm not talking about running around like crazy, worried, and stressed out. I mean really getting great things done. Too many of us go for days, weeks, months, and even years without really producing anything. It's time to change that.  

Aug 08

Are Your Homeschooled Children Socially Awkward?

No matter what approach you take to education. You have to make sure that your children learn how to socialize with young and old, rich and poor, religious and not, and every race and culture on the earth. Life is fantastic! Meeting people, making friends and having a positive influence on those around you makes life so good!

Jul 01

Great Books Will Change You, But You Have to Read Them

"Great books can literally and drastically alter your life. Create a plan and a habit of reading from good books every day. Seek book recommendations from and for leaders. This is probably the most important habit of highly successful people.  

Jun 09